V+series auto-feeding oscillating knife Rolling table design, unlimited theoretical cutting length

Model 1625 1825 2035 2240 Customizable (length*width)
Effective cutting size 1600mm*2500mm 1800mm*2500mm 2000mm*3500mm 2200mm*4000mm length: 800mm-15000mm
Width: 800mm-5000mm
Feeding mode automatic
Max cutting speed 1500mm/s
Cutting precision ±0.05mm
Max cutting thickness 50mm
Data format DXF, PLT, AI, etc.
Transmission mode of data networking cable, data line, USB disk
Materials fixation vacuum adsorption
Power of vacuum pump 7.5kw/9kw/11kw
Working voltage of main machine AC220V/50HZ
Working voltage of vacuum pump AC380V/50HZ
Rated power 10KW-13.5KW
Cutting tool high frequency oscillating knife
Optional tools oscillating knife full Cutting tool, high power active circular knife tool, punching tool, pneumatic oscillating knife tool, drag knife tool, half Cutting tool, V-cut tool, ball-point pen tool, creasing tool
Applicable materials Non-metal materials including car mat, cloth, PE foam, fiber glass, corrugated cardboard, carton, soft PVC crystal mat, leather, sponge, advertising materials, composite materials, etc.
Applicable industries advertising, carpet, garment, fabrics, automotive interiors, suitcases and bags making, packaging, sound-proofing, etc.

The above data is for reference only and is subject to the actual product.

  • High-tech

    design concept of replaceable tool

    High convenience

    no need to make a die, directly import the electronic version

  • High environmental standard

    no pollution due to mechanical cutting

    High efficiency

    multi-machine working simultaneously supervised by one person

  • High precision

    up to 0.05mm

    High applicability

    able to cut a variety of flexible materials and special soft materials

  • Core Technology

    The precision cutting assembly is developed and manufactured by ourselves, working with the steel and aluminum adsorption platform of VIOOO Laser, result in full, stable, and accurate cutting effects

    The positioning accuracy, repetition accuracy and reverse clearance of X, Y and Z axes of the machine were all detected by laser interferometer.

    The machine is equipped with advanced and mature design of rolling table, the width of the table can be customized and the theoretical cutting length is unlimited

    Product Advantages

    Product appearance design

    Product appearance: V+ series oscillating knife cutting machine is equipped with luxurious metal shell, which can better protect the internal motion system and circuit structure of the equipment, and make the equipment more beautiful and elegant

    Control system: The intelligent control system, PLC programming control system, work together with automatic typesetting and drawing softwareare, to solve the special needs that cannot be processed by ordinary equipment.

    Motion system: servo motor, quality guide rail, doubl drives on Y axis, suitable for high precision machining.

    Structural system: high strength welded frame, stable and no jitter when running

    Protection system: the system is upgraded with high-sensitivity infrared induction safety protection device to effectively protect operators

    Display of cut products

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    With modern production workshop and necessary equipments

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