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Structure optimization, Quality improvement, Technology innovation

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Brand value

Management philosophy: technical innovation is the base of value of products and services provided by us;
strict quality system and reasonable rules and regulations are guarantee to provide customers with quality products.

Innovation results

VIOOO Laser focuses on the building of VIOOO brand, attaches importance to introduction, training, and motivation of talents, and continuously pursues the technical innovation and products quality, and achieved many innovations.

CE certification

VIOOO products have passed CE certification. “CE” is a safety certification mark and is regarded as a passport by which the manufacturers enter the European market.

CIC certification

VIOOO products have passed CIC certification. "CIC" certification, that is, ISO9001 certification, originated from BS 5750 (written by BSI), the world's first quality management system standard. It is the most mature quality framework in the world by far.

R&D production base

Nowadays, with the increasing development of science and technology, as a mature CNC equipment manufacturing enterprise, VIOOO Laser will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of “survive by quality, develop by reputation”, the management attitude of “rigor and pragmatism”, and the mission of improving production efficiency by technological innovation, to provide customers with better CNC equipment and solutions.

Exhibition style

VIOOO Laser have frequently participated in the CNC equipment exhibitions and application industry exhibitions in major cities all over the world, which helped to shape the good image of VIOOO brand, and also received the attention and trust of all the customers.

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