V+ series dual worktable laser cutting machine

Model 3015 4020 6015 6020 6025 8025
Working size 3000*1500mm 4000*2000mm 6000*1500mm 6000*2000mm 6000*2500mm 8000*2500mm
Max moving speed 140m/min
Max acceleration 1.5G
Positioning accuracy 0.05mm
Repetition positioning accuracy 0.03mm
Power of laser 6000W/4000W/3000W/2000W/1500W/1000W

The above data is for reference only and is subject to the actual product.

  • Double-sided, six-degree-of-freedom guide rail locking

    Realize the comprehensive positioning of guide rail, with high quality machining process.

    Stable machining accuracy and efficient cutting ability

  • Follower module of cutting head

    The cutting distance between the laser head and the workpiece is maintained at all times to reduce the risk of collision, and has the function of stopping on collision

    Reduce accident rate and improve cutting effect

  • Dual worktable fast switching system

    Gear rack transmission system with good rigidity and higher precision;The feeding time is reduced,

    and the rigidity and precision of the drive mechanism are significantly better than the conventional mechanism

  • Core Technology

    Real-time monitoring and early warning protection for worktable and alternative worktable Automatic lubrication, automatic worktable switch, and other functions. Support origin saving

    Automatic zoom laser cutting head The laser head is adjusted with two-point alignment, and the focus adjustment is driven by imported motor. In terms of perforation, the efficiency is significantly improved. The lens are protected in drawer type for easy replacement

    Alternative dual worktable Annealed with large annealing furnace to relieve stress.The traditional process technique is used to temper the main body of the laser machine, structural steel welding, heat treatment and surface treatment.Cast with thickened steel plate, makes strong structure, strong deformation resistance, stable and durable.Alternative dual worktable, higher efficiency

    Meet the cutting requirements of different metal plates Support many functions such as scanning cut, frog jump, automatic edge-tracking, common edge cutting, breakpoint return, follow-up control, going back.Cutting accuracy of ±0.55mm, slit length 0.15mm, no scraping, no burr, smooth cut surface

    Basic Functions

    Product appearance design

    Intelligent travel protection Automatically monitors the traveling range of the motion module, responsively and quickly.At the same time the risk of operation is reduced to the lowest with a hard limit as a additional safeguard

    Intelligent control software Intelligent layout for cutting graphics;Multi-type graphics import;Automatic optimization of cutting sequence; Intelligent edge-tracking, automatic positioning;Improve the utilization of materials, reduce waste; Simple and fast system operation, accurate cutting instructions, making better user experience

    Intelligent alarm system The multi-directional abnormal alarm of the device is directly transmitted to the panel, the device fault is known in advance, and the hidden danger is reduced, make the equipment abnormal troubleshooting efficiency doubled

    Display of cut products

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