V+ series ultra-large laser cutting machine (customization) Ultra large size, ultra long continuous cutting

Model 1625 1825 2035 2240 Customizable (length*width)
Effective cutting size 1600mm*2500mm 1800mm*2500mm 2000mm*3500mm 2200mm*4000mm Length: 800mm-15000mm
width: 800mm-5000mm
Feeding mode manual/automatic
Max cutting speed ≤400mm/s
Cutting precision ±0.1mm
Max cutting thickness ≤50mm
Data format DXF, PLT, AI, etc.
Transmission mode of data networking cable, data line, USB disk
Materials fixation Blower adsorption
Power of blower 550W/1.1KW
Working voltage of main machine AC220V/50HZ
Type of laser CO2
Power of laser 60W/80W/100W/130W/150W
Operating environment Temperature: 0~ 40°C Humidity: ≤80% non-condensing water, no dust or less dust
Optional tools Double head, triple head, double gantry, large CCD, small CCD, projection, ball-point pen, etc.
Applicable materials Non-metallic materials such as cloth, leather, cardboard, wood, composite materials
Applicable industries Garment, furniture, packaging, advertising and printing, automotive interiors, etc.

The above data is for reference only and is subject to the actual product.

  • High precision

    laser cutting, no defect on the edge, with 0.1mm light spot, is non-contact processing,

    which can cut a variety of complex graphics such as right-angle and punch.

  • High efficiency

    This cutting machine requires only one person to operate from design to cutting.

    Working with the typesetting software, the material utilization rate can be greatly improved.

  • High applicability

    competent to cut most non-metallic materials such as non-woven fabric, paper, nylon, foam, cotton, PTFE.

  • Core Technology

    The design of fully enclosed flight light path protects the core optical devices from pollution, as well ensures the uniformity of the light spot effect of the whole cutting size, which has passed the CE certification.

    The positioning accuracy, repetition accuracy and reverse clearance of X, Y and Z axes of the machine were all detected by laser interferometer.

    Customization of very large size equipment can achieve ultra-long continuous cutting, such as 20m, 40m or longer patterns

    Product Advantages

    Product appearance design

    Product appearance: V+ series Laser machine is equipped with luxurious metal shell, which can better protect the internal motion system and circuit structure of the equipment, and make the equipment more beautiful and elegant

    Control system: The intelligent control system, PLC programming control system, work together with automatic typesetting and drawing software, to solve the special needs that cannot be processed by ordinary equipment

    Motion system: high quality guide rail, helical gear rack, double drives on Y axis, precision operation, suitable for high precision machining

    Structural system: Industrial aluminum alloy frame, no oxidation, no rust, no deformation, more durable, and more convenient for disassembly and assembly.

    Display of cut products

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